Giving Back

It All Started with One Man.
His Name Was Archie.

Innovator. Activist. Entrepreneur. Optimist. Archie Williams was many things. But most of all, he was a believer in bringing manufacturing back to the Boston community, where he felt it could do the most good, providing jobs and stimulating economic growth. And in today’s challenging economy, his vision is more important than ever.

Doing Good Runs in the Family.

Archie’s daughter, Beth Williams became President and CEO in 2003. Since taking the helm, she has carried on her father’s legacy of providing jobs and opportunities in an under-served community, while promoting ecological responsibility with recycled products. Under her guidance, Roxbury has experienced double-digit growth as well as garnered awards and positive press for its successful, socially conscious approach to business.

Our focus is on creating a sustainable business that supports our local community and promotes American-made products that are recycled, affordable, and come with a level of customer service that our competitors can’t match. As we continue to grow, we hope to always match an environmentally and socially sound business model with our clients’ needs—it’s a good fit.

— Beth Williams, President and CEO, Roxbury Technology

Growing our Communities.
Reducing our Landfills.

In order to prevent commercial-grade components from ending up in our neighborhood landfills, Roxbury accepts print cartridges from all manufacturers for re-use or recycle. With the help of strategic partners, Roxbury collects over 50,000 empty cartridges annually, with a goal of zero landfill waste.